Summer in London


It’s my first summer in London and many people have asked how I’m coping. Well, truth be told, summer in London is a lot different than a summer in California. I have experienced a heat wave, cloudy days, rain, pouring rain, blue-ish sky days that are freezing and everything in between.

The truth is, that in London it is always a sickly season. Nobody is healthy in London, nobody can be.

Jane Austen, Emma, 1816

It was said best here that London has made me definitely feel sick in some ways. The constant smoke of cigarettes in the morning, trash found outside of a local off license at the end of a long, steamy day and the greasy handles on the tube after a night out. Sounds appealing right?

I believe that this city, among many other cities in the world, can show their flaws when you invest your time and spend your days absorbing it. The real truth is how we cope with what we disgust. How do we make due with a whirlwind of transforming lifestyles than what we are used to and enjoy it.

I feel what keeps me going the most is the mindset of temporary. I can truthfully say I believe that my time in London is temporary. Although I have the right to live here for the rest of my life if I chose to, I know my heart belongs back in California one day. I made a deal with myself that I would understand my time in London would have an expiration date and therefore, I should make the most of my time in this beautiful, crazy place. I will say yes as much as possible, try new foods, walk to work, and meet new friends. Knowing that this is my daily mindset and my goals are to embrace where I live, I’ve developed a sense of feeling happy and satisfied in my journey.


Then I began to wonder, what if we all could try this idea of living temporary. Maybe we take it one day or one week at a time but we start to focus on this illusion that are time in what we do is so temporary that we really have no choice but to soak it in and take advantage of it. It’s sort of that feeling when you’re waiting until Saturday to go to the market, meet with friends and have a fun night on the town. One hour leads to another and before you know it, it’s passed by. Did you enjoy every moment you had in this time. The drinks? Did you chat up the cute bartender? Did you take some snaps with your friends? Listen to how their lives are? We tend to focus too much on how the night (or life) is going to pan out rather than enjoying these times that will leave lasting impressions on us.

One of the most boldest ways we can confront life is to try it this way. I realize that we are going to have bad days and things that get us down, but the most important way to enjoy our days is to know that our moments will expire.

As always, I’ll leave this short and sweet. I want to personally thank you London for showing me how to live life for all it’s worth.

And for my friends wondering how to get by faking a summer skin in London-town, check the products below!


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Ray-Ban sunglasses (these were a gift so respectfully not looking up the price): Of course, just throw some shades on and block the sun, even on the grey days!