Camden Market

Camden Market is located in Northern London just above The Regent’s Park. This is the perfect location if you’re looking for a solo Sunday stroll, something to do with your sig-o, or want to find some hidden fashion trends with your gal pals.


It’s a wonder where the market actually begins as there are so many turns, alleys, inside and outside areas. Just keep walking around and you’ll stumble upon all the different eclectic offerings Camden has.


I will encourage you to go to the market on a non rainy day. The last thing you want is to be in a crowd with an umbrella and soaked. If it’s a bit cloudy, no worries, that’s just London. You’ll get to walk alongside Regent’s Canal and admire the old timey boats.


Okay and if you’re iffy about Camden Market because of the crowds and funky shopping - please, at least go for the food. There is food EVERYWHERE and the options are endless. The people working in these small quarters are excited and pumped to have you try their cuisine. It almost feels like you’re part of their culture for a hot second.


I also finished the day off with a nice americano with oat milk on the side - as in London, my oat milk obsession is growing.


You don’t have to get there super early by any means. I began my morning leisurely by getting dressed up in something comfortable to walk around in. Overalls are great in London, because, pockets. You can slide your coins in them, your phone when eating and any small bits you come across in the shops.


When it comes to where to eat, now this was not an easy choice. Because I wasn’t starving and was on my own, I decided to pick the place with the longest line as I knew there was a reason for the wait. I’m so glad I did because Arepazo Bros is incredible. I absolutely recommend the pabellon arepa with a beer from the pub just upstairs from where the food court is.


The arepa making an appearance by the canal and is packed with black beans, melted cheese, fried plantain, avocado, pico de gallo, and beef.

All in all, if you’re up for it, a stroll through Camden Market is a great way to spend a Sunday in London. You’ll be able to try some new foods, relax with a coffee, get caught in a crowd (it’s all part of the experience) and find some knick-knacks along the way.