Annual Christmas Tree Hunt


For our second anniversary, Cody and I ventured up Hull Mountain in Mendocino County to find the perfect tree for the lake house. We started the morning by loading up the Land Cruiser with our cozy essentials: hot chocolate, scarves and knitted socks.

On our way up we listened to music and went over bumpy and twisty roads. Once we started to see snow, we knew we were getting close. There were lots of people out and about, taking their kids sledding and attempting to find their perfect Christmas tree as well.

We parked the truck on the side of the road that led to an uphill walking trail. After walking about 10 minutes up the hill, we stumbled upon a snowy, winter scene of beautiful silver tips all around us. We checked out a few trees, looking at their height and sturdy branches and then found the perfect one. Cody took the tree down in one solid cut with his chainsaw and we proudly took a few snaps with our precious find.

We lugged the tree down the hill. I walked in front of Cody, honestly afraid he and the tree would trample me at any moment, but we arrived at the bottom in no time. From there, we opened the back of the truck and sat on the hatch while we drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of blue skies, white snow and greenery of the trees. After shoving the tree in the truck on our Pendleton blanket with the top of the three peaking out the back window, we headed two hours down hill back to the lake house.

To end our adventure, we trimmed the tree together, added on the bright white lights and gold covered pinecones, then the handful of ornaments collected by him, together and gifted from me. (Fun fact, since our anniversary is close to Christmas, we exchange only an ornament as a gift.) Then Cody lit a fire in the fireplace, popped open a bottle of wine we tasted in France, and cooked me a warm meal while we watched Christmas movies.

There is no other way I would rather begin the Christmas season or celebrate our anniversary than like this. I hope everyone is having a good start to their holiday season!